Wednesday study group

Wednesday 3rd November and following Wednesdays,
11.00 am–12.30 pm at St Thomas', and on zoom

DEEPER provides an opportunity to focus in on a book of the Bible and its unique message to Christians today. We're looking at St Paul's Letter to the Colossian church.

It can happen so easily and frequently.
People start out well as Christians end up light-years from the gospel of Jesus Christ, caught up in weird and not-so-wonderful cults, movements and traditions. They may still talk about Jesus, but their focus has shifted from the central truths of who He is and what He has done to other things. These other things become the focus of our Christianity. It seems that Jesus Christ and His saving death are no longer enough.

This kind of teaching was the reason Paul wrote his letter to the Christians at Colossae.

We are meeting in person and maintaining distance on Wednesday mornings.
You can also join via zoom.