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Pastoral care

 Where to find help when you need it

We all have times when we need help. Although the vicar will always try to visit if you are seriously ill or bereaved, or have a different need, she is not the only person who gives pastoral care.

We have a Pastoral Care Team with people from St Peter’s and St Thomas’s, Milnthorpe Churches, who regularly visit people from the congregations who are

  • ill
  • housebound
  • lonely or
  • facing life’s unexpected changes.

People on the team make regular visits to offer support and friendship if you are unable to leave your home because of long-term illness or immobility, especially if you live alone.

We try to keep in touch if you are:

  • vulnerable
  • at risk of becoming isolated
  • experiencing problems, such as recovering from surgery
  • coping with bereavement.

If you are concerned about someone, or are experiencing difficulty yourself, we’d very much like to offer a listening ear.

Please send an email message to the leader of the Visiting Team.

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