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What we believe

If you're wondering what Christianity is all about, it's quite easy to explain. We all have a choice of two ways to live our lives:

  • our way, or
  • God's way.

 What do we, as Christians, believe?

We believe that God is the loving ruler of the world, and made human beings to live in a special relationship with him.

But people rebelled against God and tried to run the world themselves.

God as a holy God could not ignore it when human beings rebelled, but because he loves us so much, he sent Jesus, his son, into the world, so that we would not have to suffer an eternity apart from God’s presence, the consequences of our rebellion.

Jesus died to take the punishment for our rebellion, for all that we have ever

  • thought or
  • said or
  • done

that has been wrong. He rose from death to offer us

  • forgiveness for our sins and
  • the promise of an eternity spent with Him, in God’s presence.

God offers us a new start with Jesus in our lives, helping us to live each day in the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

We can continue to reject Jesus, or we can let Jesus help us to live our lives and receive from him forgiveness and a new start in our relationship with God.

The full story of God’s plan for us is in the Bible.

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Look at choosing your way or God's way.

It could be the most important thing that you ever do.

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