Welcome to St Peter's, Heversham

20th century to present day

20th century


Electric lights replaced gas ones.


The old coal-fired boiler for heating, was replaced with an electric one.


St Peter’s needed major repairs, costing at least £10,000, which the congregation raised in less than a year.


The oil-fired heating system that we use today was installed.

21st century


Extensive work was carried out, starting on 7th January. We:

  • moved the font
  • added the forward communion table and rails
  • removed some pews in the chancel and at the front of the nave
  • removed the back choir stalls
  • carpeted the chancel area.

 The work was finished in time for Palm Sunday.


We renewed the lime plaster on the wall of the north aisle. To do this, we had to remove the pews. This created a big open space, which we may keep.


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