Discipleship group

Next session: Monday 20th January, 7.00 pm at St Thomas'. 

 A new Discipleship group started on Monday 18th November.
for St Peter’s, St Thomas’ and St John’s folk,

The sessions are based on chapters from a new book,
Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin
– a book that has been very positively reviewed –
and sold out at Keswick! It costs £19.95

The topics are those that we are often challenged on and we sometimes struggle to respond to, so part of the aim of our getting together will be to help us think how we might respond to these challenges. As you will also see, the topics are quite controversial, so it is really important that we come along in an attitude of love for each other. It would be my hope that our discussions could be honest and open in what we say, without fear of ridicule, lack of respect, or that what we say might be reported to others.

Any questions, do get in touch.


Course dates

The sessions areat 7.00 pm at St Thomas’, Milnthorpe.

  • Monday 20th January (note date change) ~ How can you say there’s only one true faith?
  • Monday 3rd February ~ Doesn’t religion hinder morality?
  • Monday 2nd March ~ Doesn’t religion cause violence?
  • Monday 30th March (note date change) ~ How can you take the Bible literally?
  • Monday 4th May ~ Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?
  • Monday 8th June (note date change) ~ Doesn’t Christianity denigrate women?
  • Monday 7th September ~ Isn’t Christianity homophobic?
  • Monday 5th October ~ Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery?
  • Monday 2nd November ~ How could a loving God allow so much suffering?
  • Monday 6th December ~ How could a loving God send people to hell?

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