KE Mission Community

Kent Estuary Mission Community Development Group

Practical Workshop ~ Tuesday 16th October

August 2018:

The Mission Community Development Group has agreed a modest action plan for the next few months as we seek to develop relationships and activities upon which the Mission Community can, in due course, be launched. As part of this plan:

  • We are having conversations with the Churches Together Groups about how to build the right framework of relationships, while clarifying our respective roles.
  • We are talking to the Roman Catholic churches about how they can be engaged and involved in the Mission Community.
  • We are exploring ways of developing a common network of prayer.
  • We are looking to follow-up on some of the activity of Moving Mountains, with a further session being planned with Bishop Geoff on “Gossiping the Gospel” and exploration of the possible contribution of a Dementia Collaborative.
  • We are starting to lay the groundwork for a major, mission focused event (possibly in 2020 and involving the Riding Lights Theatre company).

We also want to hold an event in 2019 which builds engagement and connection across our church communities – and we are looking for your ideas for this.

What we are thinking about for this is an estuary-wide event that is beyond the capacity of any one congregation. The Big Soup mounted as part of Moving Mountains was very well received and we are wonder if we might build on that; possibly as The Big Picnic. Other suggestions have included a large-scale Messy Church (echoing the Moving Mountains one at Rheged) or a family Fun and Sports Day.

We would appreciate your views on these ideas and/or other suggestions. What we are looking for is something that

  • will engage people across our church communities and
  • potentially appeal to people on the fringe of those communities.

Please let us have your thoughts and suggestions,
via your representative on the Development Group.