Series 1 feedback

Feedback summary from Sermon Series comments

Did you enjoy the series?

Overwhelmingly, yes.

What was good?


  • sermons on the website
  • notes on the website and notice sheet.

How could we improve it?

A range of comments.

  • Sermons should be longer or shorter.
  • Sermons should have more detail.
  • Sermons should have less theology and academic comment.
  • Allow more time for home group discussion.
  • Having two sermons on the same topic was appreciated.
  • Overlap was criticised, especially for the last two sermons, although that was not felt by the two people concerned.

Should we do another sermon series?

Overwhelmingly, yes.

Is there a specific topic or topics that you would like?

  • Prayer.
  • Ten commandments.
  • The Lord’s Prayer.
  • Generosity.
  • Forgiveness.
  • The Apostles' Creed.

Should it be linked to the home groups?


Should it be linked to the notice sheet?


Should it be linked from the website?


Comments from the Ministry Team.

  • Overall, we enjoyed the challenge, tough it was demanding and time consuming.
  • Trying to have more than four weeks is difficult, because of the service patterns with the two churches.
  • The links to the website and notice sheet was clearly a good move, as were the questions linked to the sermons.
  • Choosing the next topic will be interesting, because of the suggestions.
  • The timing of a series is surprisingly limited. Some have suggested Advent, but we tried that some time ago, with only limited success because of the other factors related to Advent.
  • The long period between Pentecost and Advent is possible, but summer holidays and family or grandchildren committments have a significant impact which restricts the options.
  • Lent also seems to be a good time.
  • However, much will depend on the new incumbent and when they take up the post.

Thank you for your comments.