General introduction

The Parochial Church Council of St Peter’s, as the trustee body, has responsibility for the fabric and finances of St Peter’s and for co-operating with the Priest-in-Charge and Ministry Team, in promoting the whole mission of the church (pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical) in the parish.

This report to the parishioners and other interested parties sets out the way that the PCC has discharged these responsibilities in 2016.

During the year, the following served as members of the PCC:

  • Priest-in-Charge: The Revd. Susan Wilson, Chair [to 30/9/16]

Ex officio:

  • Wardens:
    • Mrs Sue Mellor [to April 16]
    • Mrs. Jill Shaw (Lay Chair)
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Deanery Synod reps:

  • Mr Peter Clarke (Secretary)
  • Mrs Linda Cooper
  • Mr Tony Hesmondhalgh

Elected at APCM [members are elected for three year terms, with one third of the membership retiring each year]:     

2013 to April 2016:

  • Mrs Gill Rodd
  • Mrs Christine Thomas
  • Mr John Mellor

2014 to 2017:

  • Mr Martin Fletcher
  • Mr George Handley
  • Miss Sylvia Read (Fees Administrator)

2015 to 2018:

  • Mrs Anne Wickerson
  • Mr Trevor Thomas [from October 16]
  • Vacant

April 2016 to 2019:

  • Mrs Sue Mellor
  • Celia Wilkinson
  • Tom Grindey


  • David Fell (Treasurer)

The members of the Ministry Team were:

  • Priest in Charge: Revd. Susan E. Wilson (to 30/9/16)

Retired Priests with Permission to Officiate:

  • Revd Colin Honour;
  • Revd Ron Rutter;
  • Revd Bob Wilkinson.


  • Mr. Roger Bingham;   
  • Mrs Linda Cooper;
  • Professor Annie Garden;
  • Mrs Dorothy Maudsley (Reader Emeritus)

Rev Sue Wilson, retired as priest in Charge on 30th September. As at 31st December there is a vacancy. In the absence of a Priest in Charge, the PCC is chaired by Jill Shaw, the Lay Chair.

The Electoral Roll Officer is Mrs Ros Barrell. The number of people on the Electoral roll in 2016 was 111.

The Independent Examiner is Mr Peter Tomkins.

The Safeguarding Officer is Mr Richard Simpson.

The Church Architect is Mr Paul Grout.